Back Pain and Modic; Claus Manniche, Alan Jordan and Connie Mikkelsen



Claus Manniche, Alan Jordan and Connie Mikkelsen

"Long awaited breakthrough
Approximately 25 years ago a few researchers managed to publish an article in the renowned medical journal, The Lancet. The article demonstrated that intensive exercise was most useful for patients with chronic back pain. Many of our colleagues found this difficult to accept, nonetheless, intensive exercise has for chronic back pain has spread across the world and has become – in different forms – the most commonly prescribed treatment for back pain patients.
Since that time, there has not been much research based progress in back science, however, we have taken a significant step forward with the advent of the new back pain diagnosis, ”Modic changes”. During the coming years, thousands of back pain patients will now be given a precise diagnosis as well as a useful treatment in cases where we previously we unable to provide either a diagnosis or a useful treatment. Many of these patients will become free of pain and disability!

This book provides readers with a thorough review of the latest information regarding Modic changes that the Danish research group was primarily responsible for after 10 years of intensive research. The book explains what the research results can mean for back pain patients and information is provided as to how Modic changes take place and develop as well developments that took place such that we are now able to provide effective treatment for more than 50% of patients that have been diagnosed with Modic changes type 1.

Readers will receive a unique insight into the process that led to this scientific breakthrough during the summer of 2013, including the coincidences, the resistance, and the long difficult journey that was undertaken before the goal was achieved."

Claus Manniche
Professor, MD PhD