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Personal data

Name: Claus Manniche, consultant, professor,

SpineCenter of Southern Denmark, University of Southern Denmark





1975 Natural Science mathematical baccalaureate, Kalundborg Gymnasium
Summer 1982 Medical University graduate, Copenhagen University
Dec.1985 Permission to independently practice medicine
Winter 1988 Law Degree, Copenhagen University
1. dec. 1994 Specialist doctor in rheumatology
1. jun. 1995 Dr. med., Medical Sciences Faculty, Copenhagen University


1. juli 2010 - 31. aug. 2012 Chief consultant, professor, SpineCenter of Southern Denmark. Sygehus Lillebælt, University of Southern Denmark
1. sept. 2012 - Consultant, professor, SpineCenter of Southern Denmark, Sygehus Lillebælt, University of Southern Denmark


Specific organizational tasks

Danish Rheumatology Society. Member of the Board 1992 – 96. Elected as Treasurer 1992 -1995

Initiator of the research group: The Back science’s support association, Copenhagen Environs 1990. The name was later changed to Copenhagen Back Research Association (COBRA). In this group was COBRA database 1 developed and implemented.

Participated in a working group that prepared a Clarification Report: The Future Treatment of patients with lower back disorders in DK. Issued by DADL in 1996

Initiator and Chairman of the multidisciplinary steering committee that developed and tried implementation of the clinical database: Dansk DiscusBase with a view to a systematic registration of treatment results by herniated operations. 1996 - 2005

Was appointed by the National Board of Health to function as head of the interdisciplinary working group which drafted: Sore back. Prevalence, treatment and prevention from an MTV-perspective. National Institute for Health Technology Assessment. 1995 - 1999

Appointed by the Minister of Health as a member of a specialist committee in a prevention foundation. 2007 - 2012

Has participated in an interdisciplinary working group which drafted: Patient Program for the back science in Region of Southern Denmark. 2008 – 2010


Important contributions to the professional development in the field of Back science

Has through the development in 1984 of new pain measurement tools and new clinical research design for RCT`s contributed to both a greater understanding of the patient reported data may represent important efficacy parameters, and shown that RCT in the field of Back science can be implemented in a valid manner (Pain 1994).

The implementation of a newly designed RCT in 1984 - 88 (Lancet) in the area of ​​back exercises was the start of an international intense research activity with a view to generally investigate the effect of back exercise as therapy in patients with acute and chronic back pain.

Have as a key player contributed to the development of clinical databases in the field of Back science in DK: COBRA 1 later updated with software for COBRA 1A. 1990 – 2006

Danish DiscusBase, 1995 - 2005

COBRA 2, subsequent name change to Spin Data. 2007 -

Started in 1994 the professional and organizational development of the Disc-outpatient clinic in the Orthopaedic Hospital in Aarhus. The outpatient clinic received, opposite the previously time-honored principles in the field - all patients with acute disc herniation for examination and investigation in outpatient settings and the diagnosis was based on interdisciplinary principles.

The outpatient clinic received the Quality Award in 1996 as best public institution in Aarhus. After job transitions to Frederiksborg County the outpatient and multidisciplinary principle was transferred to a newly established discus outpatient at Hillerød Hospital in 1997 and subsequently in Back Center Fyn 1998, later Back Center Southern Denmark 2010. Since 1997, the principles behind "The Learning Organization" were incorporated as a part of the interdisciplinary outpatient concept.

Was head author of the Health Department`s MTV-report on the field of Back science, published in 1997 – 99. This report was the first actual MTV-report in DK with clinical implications which proved to have great influence on how the individual counties in DK in the years 2000 - 2010 were planning the assignment of patient care at the field of Back science both in the primary and secondary sectors. The report also contributed significantly to a better interdisciplinary collaboration between doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors.


Lectures and textbooks

Has taught at a large number of postgraduate professional courses and other training courses, especially for rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists and chiropractors. Since 1998 partly responsible for the clinical training component of the biomechanics students graduate study at the University of Southern Denmark. Also since 1998 taught medical students at SDU in the topic back diseases. He has been chief editor of the Danish rheumatologists` textbook: "Reumatologi" in the years 1994 - 1990, since co-editor. Has contributed with technical content in a number of Danish textbooks and patient handbooks, eg.: Rygsmerter. Myter og kendsgerninger, 1996 - 98; Reumatologi - en lærebog, 1999 - ; Rygdoktor, 1999 - 2005; Medicinsk Kompendium, 2000 -; Smerter - en lærebog, 2002 - ; Patientvejledningen, 2002 -;  Praktisk Medicin, 2009 -


Honors and Awards

Recipient of the Danish Society for Manual Medicine Honorary Award, 1989: Hvirvelsøjleprisen; Recipient of the Danish Chiropractors' Association Researcher Prize, 1991; Recipient of Scand Journal of Rheumatology `s 40th Nordic Anniversary Prize, 1995; On behalf of Back outpatient-clinic Aarhus County Hospital receives the "Quality Award for the year 1996, Aarhus Amt;" On behalf of Back Center Fyn recipient of the Danish Chiropractors' Association honorary award, 2008.


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